Portion Control

Here is my fast walking track down by a park.

Here is my fast walking track down by a park.


I am writing because everyone seems to want to lose some weight this time of year. And the number 1 thing to do is watch your portions. If you presently are not losing any weight, and you are trying to, cut your portions in half. I use the “measuring cups on the counter method” of watching my weight.
The next step- eat lots of green veggies, these have very little starch, and you can have as much as you want. Try different ones like Brussels sprouts or kale. Cook them in 1/4 cup of grains and you have a good meal or side dish.
Learn to love veggies and you will be thinner.
Space out your meals. Wait at least 4 hours in between meals, and for your snacks, in between try some raw veggies such as carrots, celery or fennel. Try fennel as your next snack. It is sweet and satisfying.

Another way to kick in a weight loss?

Exercise. Of course this one may be difficult for you if you have not found a type of exercise that you love. I have a couple types that I enjoy but I can’t do them all year. Biking and running outside.

The alternative is indoor biking or elliptical exercise.


Do not fool yourself into believing you are getting a good workout if you do not feel it. More and more, experts are saying that if you want exercise to work for you, you need to sweat!

Do your exercising at a good intensity where you can feel it. Try sprinting – 30 seconds running- 30 seconds walking fast. This is a good way to get your metabolism up and running.

Begin, do not procrastinate~ Something is definitely better than nothing! Start an exercise program with a buddy who needs help too. Together you can motivate each other to make the changes needed in order to lose and keep off the weight.