Just Move


Spring will be upon us soon. Let's start a new walking program to get in shape for the summer months.

Spring will be upon us soon. Let’s start a new walking program to get in shape for the summer months.

Getting Fit and Preventing Disease

If you are trying to get yourself fit before the summer months, start now.

Get off the couch and take a walk.

You need to change.

Motivation to change has many avenues. What is it that you want to change?

1. Physical appearance changes motivate people. Do you want to drop a few sizes? Or do you want to add some muscle to your body?

Make your health goal specific. Know exactly what you are trying to attain.

2. Prevention. Is your health goal a prevention method?

Has your doctor told you that you blood pressure was high, or your cholesterol numbers were not good, or maybe you are now a pre-diabetic?

In this case, your health goal may center around ways to get those numbers in order. You don’t want to wait until you have a disease, so you are motivated to change before it happens to you.

Who is your Motivator?

You may be looking around and seeing your aunt Millie give herself injections of insulin, and you do not want that to be you.

Whatever you motivation to make the changes you need to make- start now.

Just begin by taking a small step such as just moving.

Just moving can mean stop being such a couch potato and get up and do something. Even your chores for the day are a way to burn calories.

Even a short, fast walk around the block is a movement.

Do it every single day, and I guarantee that you will look and feel better in just a few short weeks.

JUST MOVE can be bigger too! You can join a gym, you can find a cardio buddy to walk with, or go to the gym with. Motivating yourself can mean it is your turn to motivate someone else, and then something magical happens, you can depend on each other to get up and JUST MOVE.

Recently, one of my cardio buddy moved away- but that didn’t stop me- I still do my daily walk, and I go to the gym, meeting some new cardio buddies, and I even teach a few yoga classes- which motivates me to stay in shape and centered!

Flexible, Balanced and Strong

You want all three of these to complete your wellness journey. So while you are at this Just Move Goal, try out different types of exercises. For flexibility try some stretching as they do in Tai Chi and Yoga. Get your balance back through yoga too. Stand on one foot and then the other. Build up your strength through both yoga and some weight lifting. Remember to start out light on the weights, and get a personal trainer to help you out.