Weight Loss and Maintenance: It is all about Timing


Take a  fast paced walk during the day and burn some calories.

Take a fast paced walk during the day and burn some calories.


The most important aspect of weight loss, or the continuing maintenance of  your  weight loss goal is the timing of it all.


Yes, you still have to worry about your portion sizes and what you eat. The need to eat healthy foods is very important to staying healthy and well.

But the theory on: A King’s breakfast, a middle classed lunch and a poor man’s dinner is something you need to think about, especially if you are not burning any calories off after dinner time.




You are the most active early in the day. This is when you should eat your larger meals. Most of us work, take walks, go shopping early in the day.

During lunch time when I am at work, I take a walk, so anything that I eat during that time of day is worn off!

That is when I have my larger meals.


My theory is that portion control is very important.

I never eat more than a cup of anything, unless it is more spinach. Take a look at those low calorie foods that you can have more than a cup of, and eat them later in the day, instead of the high carb foods like bread or snacks later in the day.


If you have to have snacks later in the day, buy a hot air popcorn maker- you can snack on popcorn that does not have all the oils and fats. Most of the microwave popcorn out there has partially hydrogenated fats in it. They are bad for you and your cholesterol levels. Begin to read labels and stay away from  anything that has partially hydrogenated ingredients.


Exercise is a very important ingredient to losing and keeping off weight. But remember that it is all about the food, and how much you eat.

It is 75% what you eat, and 25% exercise, so concentrate on your food. Start a food diary and keep track of what you eat and what time you eat it.