Spring Is In The Air

It is still winter, but spring is in the air.

It is still winter, but spring is in the air.



I believe that in a few short weeks spring will be here, the days will get longer and I will be able to get out more often and begin to have fun in the warmer weather.

It is a long winter~ and with it, you might be experiencing some cabin fever.  Dr. Elson Haas in his book, Staying Healthy With the Seasons speaks on how the different seasons bring about changes.

Hopefully, you are up to a few changes in your life.

I love spring because I can smell it in the air. The freshness of a dewy spring morning is something I am looking forward to. Unfortunately, the beginning of Spring officially is March 21st, therefore,  there  are a few more weeks to  deal with the winter weather.


The beginning of spring marks the equinox where day equals night.

For the next 6 months daylight, the sun and yang principle, will be dominating our lives!

Yes we will begin not only to have more day light but also more sunlight during our spring time.  During this time, you may begin to feel more energized and ready to do more. You may want to do some spring cleaning or get outdoors more often. You may also want to make some changes in yourself. Eating lighter and healthier, and maybe shaking off some of the extra pounds that the winter may have put on you!

In the Springtime, there is  time for a fresh, new start. Make it a time to explore on some new creative ideas.

You could write a health plan and set some goals that will help you to feel better.


Springtime is all about green. It is the planting season where the seeds are beginning to sprout, trees begin to bud.

You may want to think about starting a garden.

Growth in your garden can mean growth in your heart and soul. The beauty of a garden well tended is wonderful to gaze at.

New growth can also mean new relationships in our lives. Or tending to old relationships that may need work to re-bud!

Wood Element

In the Chinese system of elements, Wood is the spring element. Wood refers to living and growing things such as trees, plants and the human body.

If you are not in balance, you will have poor roots- and may need to improve on your flexibility. Yoga may be in order!

The Color Association with Spring: Green

The green of young plants is what you see in nature in the spring time.

The Climate

The climate of the wood element in the spring is characterized by the wind. The wind begins to clear out the old and bring in the fresh and new air. Spring is like a transition period from winter to summer.

Strong and Flexible

Strong Wood Element is connected to our ability to be in control with flexibility and strength. The tissues that are in control: the muscles, ligaments and tendons hold the body together. If you become weak in the wood element, you may have muscle fatigue and weakness.

Do your spring cleaning early and get yourself in order for the coming warmer weather.

Taken in part from: Haas, E. (2003). Staying Healthy With the Seasons. 21st Century Ed. San Rafael, CA. Random House.