Polenta and Veggies



A good meal with lots of veggies.

A good meal with lots of veggies.


Low Calorie Eating

Many people cook with polenta. You can make your own with some corn meal, buy some instant polenta that you add milk to,  or buy some already prepared.

Here is an easy recipe with polenta. I used  prepared  Freda’s Organic Polenta with sun dried tomatoes and garlic already in it. ( It comes in a tube, and is only 90 calories a serving  ( 1 cup) with no fat. Polenta is just corn meal.

Other veggies to add: Many Italian’s cook with polenta instead of pasta. It does have less carbohydrates. The Italian way is to add a fennel bulb and some cubed butternut squash and red onion.

My grandmother and mother would put fennel in everything. We ate it raw, just like celery. Of course, I do the same thing as nana. I put fennel on my relish tray for a party a few months ago, and someone who thought it was celery ate it- asked me what it is and where to find it in the grocery store. She buys it all the time now- and it is so good for you. It helps with any kind of gastric distress you may have! An added advantage to the wonderful taste.


Start with a teaspoon of olive oil in a frying pan. Chop some polenta into cubes and brown for about 5 minutes each side. Then add veggies of your choice. I added 1 cup frozen corn, a chopped small red and yellow pepper  I then sprinkled some Curry powder and basil  on top and allowed it to steam for about 10 minutes.

Great for lunch! And so good for you.