The Spirit inside

Do you struggle in a fast paced world to get what you think you want, or need?

Do you struggle in a fast paced world to get what you think you want, or need?

Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Holism is based upon  the many parts of yourself, not just your physical being.

Eastern philosophy considers the yin and yang of things, knowing that there is more than just one part to being alive and well.

You are many parts;  mind, body and soul.
If you begin to see yourself as parts of one, you can focus on wellness in each area of your being. And if one area is not well, other parts may suffer. When you are not physically well, your emotional being will be affected as well as your spiritual side.



The reality that things are unfolding as they should: Begin to Accept things, and stop struggling
Your first task may be to remember that each moment that happens in your life is as it should be, the good, bad, and not so good.

Even with all the chaos and broken dreams, today will unfold as it should.
The uncertainty of the universe unfolding as it should no matter what is happening is hard to accept because struggling to change everything around us seems to be the mode of operation for many. You may want things to be perfect-done the right way. But what is the right way?

You may want possessions, and struggle to get them.

But what is the end?

When you get “what you think you want, what happens next?”

Do you continue to struggle for things that are not attainable, feel frustrated and then give up angry?

Begin to be accepting, know that each moment reflects other moments in the past, present and future.

Being uncertain of  everything that is happening is just the way things are.

You are breathing, your heart is beating, and then it may not. You cannot control your destiny.

Opposites are like yin and yang, hot and cold, right and wrong.

This uncertainty of opposites can and must coexist.
Sometimes things change, sometimes they do not.

Helping yourself to stay well

Your own body can be  a reflection of your order and chaos.

You eat well, you do not. You have meaningful thoughts, you have bad thoughts.

Certainty and uncertainty are just 2 aspects of  nature.

There is order and there is chaos.

When you see your parts in unity, you begin to accept that there are some things you can change and other things that you cannot.

You may even begin to embrace the uncertainty of living.  Live like today is your last has more meaning when you think about the uncertainty of life.

The Dance of Life

It is like a dance. Sometimes you are dancing on clouds, with a lightness to your step.

Other times the dance is more chaotic and harder to perform and you may need to give more attention to your step.

In his book, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Dr. Deepak Chopra speaks on this dance of life. We need to pay attention, but sometimes things that happen are not under our control. Watch carefully  as things unfold in life.

There is grief and loss, but there is also love and caring.

Our intuition tells us that we do not want any pain or discomfort and when pain comes to our lives, we need to just accept that this is the way is it supposed to be.

You walk the path with gains and losses, births and death, silence and activity.

Taken in part from: Chopra, D.  (1993). Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old. New York, NY. Harmony Books.