Are you Exercising too Much?


Grow strong like this great tree with high intensity workouts!

Grow strong like this great tree with high intensity workouts!

Do not waste effort on something that may not be working. Begin to concentrate on what does work for you!

I have been researching on the theory that people’s efforts at weight loss are sabotaged by exercising too much and then eating too much. That has been my mode of operation for a long time. I finally figured it out with lots of help from health and wellness specialists, that long hours of exercise do not help you with weight loss.

On Exercising Smarter

There is much research on the fact that you do not have to exercise as much as you think, but you have to exercise smarter. This is how to do it: Shorter, more intense workouts. Even as short as just 10 minutes, but the 10 minutes has to be intense. You do not have to exercise everyday, but you do have to concentrate on what you eat everyday!! The food is what it is all about. 75% food and 25% exercise. You still need to exercise, but you do not have to spend hours and hours at the gym.

High Intensity Training Spurts

In his naturally Intense High Intensity Person Training Blog, author Kevin Richardson speaks on this method of natural intensity at Kevin also speaks on how people store fat and how important it is to lose the belly fat, because that kind of fat called Visceral Fat is the most dangerous. This is the fat that if you have a lot of- it can wrap around your internal organs and causeĀ  problems with your organs functioning properly.

Your Mirror Image

Other aspects of a healthier you is how you feel about yourself. There is much research done on emotional eating, but did you know that if you think you are fat- you are. You become what you believe is true about yourself. So you have to change your attitude about YOU, and begin to look in the mirror, and see a beautiful, skinny person before you can expect to be one!

Your Cardio Buddy

Who do you exercise with? If you do it alone it is more difficult. Find a friend who has a desire to be healthier too- and compete if you need to. This can help increase your weight loss efforts. Competition really helps to get where you want to go.

Maintaining your Weight

It is not all over just because you lost the weight you wanted. In order to stay at your chosen weight, what do you have to do? I continue to exercise intensely. Short 10-20 minute high intensity workouts, at least 3 times a week. I also do passive exercising- yoga 2 times a week. I got so much into yoga that I now teach it.

Spending time with like people

I also spend time with people who have the same problem as I do. You can even start your own group. There are many self-help groups out there that focus on losing and maintaining weight. Find a good one.

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