The Emotional Component of Eating: Your Cravings

Look at the beauty of colorful things in life. Paint yourself a beautiful picture when you are feeling the need.

Look at the beauty of colorful things in life. Paint yourself a beautiful picture when you are feeling the need.


Are you Restricting Yourself From The Foods You Enjoy?

It is  true that every time you restrict food from your diet (such as chocolate), you are setting yourself up for a binge!


Some believe that this craving is actually an addiction. And the body will automatically binge in proportion to how much and how long you have restricted yourself.


I believe that instead of restricting yourself from something like sweets, you should find some alternatives. I eat Cultured Coconut Milk ( dairy free) yogurt when I am feeling the urge to eat something like candy. I eat the Greek Style, and it is so very good that I feel very satisfied, and no longer crave anything else sweet.
Coconut milk yogurt has only 130 calories in a 6 ounces! And made from organic coconuts.
Another idea is to eat a small amount of the food that you really want, and eat it mindfully. Slowly tasting the small piece of candy and really enjoy it.

Research on Balancing your Brain Chemistry
There is some research on this theory of having what you want, and they say that even a small amount will balance your brain chemistry, and increase your serotonin levels.

Christine Northrup in her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom writes about these binge cycles.

She believes that if you are able to eat these craved foods early in the day, in small portions, you will maintain your weight. She suggests between 10am and 4pm. Eating things craved  foods at night can sabotage your  efforts at losing and/or keeping off weight.

Night Time Eating Needs to End!
Other things to consider: Maintaining one’s weight more effectively happens faster if a person avoids eating certain foods at night such as carbohydrates and fats.

Timing and Exercise

Timing is an important component to staying healthy with your diet, and  other lifestyle changes such as exercise. You should not just exercise in the morning and then do nothing else. You would do better to spread it out in smaller 20 minute fast intervals instead of one long walk in the morning. If you jump start your day with a 20 minute fast walk, and the later in the day, another one- you will benefit more.

Why are you hungry at Night?

Another theory on eating is that you may be craving things at night not because you are hungry, but you are sleepy. Go to bed when you are thinking of eating!!
Anxiety and worry can also sabotage your efforts at losing or maintaining your weight. Becoming more aware of this type of stress eating is the first step. Know that when something is causing you anxiety, you may be soon looking for a donut.

Learn some Stress Reduction Techniques

The next time you feel like a binge is coming on because you are stressed out, try out  some yoga poses or  breathing exercises.

Learn how to visualize. Lie down, close your eyes and visualize a nice scene. I like water scenes where I am drifting in a sailboat without a care in the world.

Explore Positive Affirmations and Start a Journal Filled with Positive Sayings!

Taken in part from: Northrup, C. (1998). Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing. New York, NY. Bantam Books.