Caught up in the moment

Rolls of pots catching the sunlight. Capturing someone's eyes and brightening the day.

Rolls of pots catching the sunlight. Capturing someone’s eyes and brightening the day.



Over and over again, the same negative thought… when will I learn to stay in the positive moment of life?

When I was a child, an art teacher taught me about patterns. Ever since then I have been amazed by any kind of pattern. Look at these pots, each one is painted differently. Different designs, different colors, but they are all stacked the same way, over and over again, just another pattern of life.

We are like the pots with our thoughts. Sometimes we cannot stop ourselves from thinking those bad things over and over again. Maybe we should get caught up in the beauty of the pots and how each one is an individual creation, just as we are.

Caught in the moment of living life

I have to admit that sometimes I get caught up in life. Caught in the moment of negative thinking that just makes me feel bad. When this happens, the first thing that I try to do is take a walk and clear those thoughts.

You need to stop… and think about where you are going. Do you want to be a happier person?

Then you have to find a path toward being more positive!

If you are caught up in life,  and in the fast lane, this can put  damper on your mental health, your spirit  and your physical well being.

Anger and health
I know that when I am angry about something, or just thinking bad thoughts, I  often turn to some bad past behaviors  such as eating too much.  And then I feel worse about myself and my situation. Low self-esteem seems  to be the consequence for many people who swim in bad thoughts.

That is why it is so important to find good alternatives that may help you to think better about yourself and the good, bad and ugly things that happen to everyone!
Walking and thinking better thoughts really  helps me to be more centered and in touch with myself.

What kinds of things do you do to get out of your funk?

How do you put more joy into your life so that you are happier and content?

How to begin becoming more positive?

Journal you way toward a happier you

Start a journal and write down some positive affirmations about yourself. Examples: I feel confident in my ability to bring joy and happiness into my life. When I look in the mirror, I see a positive person who is smiling and having fun in life’s journey!
When I have bad thought, I will just let it pass like the wind has come under it to take it away.