Listening to your body

 Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.

Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.



Your Physical Well-Being

People seem to want drugs for everything these days, and the practice of going for a drug to relieve a symptom reflects our inability to tackle things in our lives in general.

You should not of course ignore symptoms because they can turn into more serious problems later on. Dr. Jon Kabat- Zinn in his book: Full Catastrophic Living describes the mindset of a society that is addicted to drugs for just about anything you can think of.


A Simple Headache
For Example: A simple headache. What do you do? Do you take Tylenol right away or do you try some self-massage of your temples? There are many acupressure points on your body that can bring about wellness.

Is your headache caused from some stressful event in your life?

Perhaps you would do better to listen to those feeling and thoughts instead of reacting and immediately taking a medication. Working on stress reduction through some breathing exercises, visualization or meditation can help reduce the tension, and then your body can work at getting rid of the headache on its own.
The Power Of Being Mindful: Mindfulness is getting in touch with your inner soul
When you look at a symptoms with the power of mindfulness, whether it is a muscle tension or pain, you learn how to listen to your body and honor what it is trying to tell you.
Give your body a chance to tell you what is wrong before you just cover up the symptom with a drug.

Become Your Own Best Friend

Become a friend of your body.  Listen to yourself.

Your body is trying to tell you something and you need to listen.

Many people have a bad connection with their body. Their inner soul is not being expressed. Practicing meditation can be your first step toward learning how to heal yourself by loving and caring for yourself.

Self- Improvement and the process of finding yourself

See your illnesses as a way of learning about yourself. See your headache or cold and a process that you can  acknowledge, and know that it will unfold, and then you will heal. When you start to feel ill, usually your body will be trying very hard to tell you about what is going on. Honor those internal messages, and work on moving toward wellness.

Be grateful that you are starting to improve yourself through developing awareness skills. Do not wait for a major illness to happen to you before you begin to practice listening to your body.

Taken in part from: Kabat-Zinn, J. (1991). Full Catastrophic Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness. New York, NY. Delta.