Staying Balanced in mind, body and soul


The icy pond is still as my mind and body find stillness in meditation and breathing exercises.

The icy pond is still as my mind and body find stillness in meditation and breathing exercises.



Many people have suggestions on who the healthiest people are. In his book: Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra speaks on the many components of living well.

He believes that we all need prana- which is the  energy source in our bodies that needs awakening, therefore, pranayama which is the breath, is what can help keep us healthy.

In traditional yoga practice, the breath is as important to learn  as the poses.  When you lift up in your pose, you inhale, when you lower,  you exhale.


Learning how to slow down your breathing and find your inner peace through such things as meditation is a very helpful way to stay healthy in mind, body and soul.

What are the basics that we need?  Fresh food, pure water and air, sunlight, moderate exercise, balanced breathing as mentioned above, nonviolent behavior, and a reverence for life.

Mental and spiritual components include a positive attitude, and free expression of your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

So slowly breathe in joy and breathe out love~


How do you find out if you have an imbalance in your mind, body and soul that meditation and breathing exercises may help with?

Here are some examples of Imbalances in the physical and mental sense that you may see

Physical Symptoms: dry skin, wrinkles

Chronically underweight

Weak kidneys

Weak or irregular heartbeat



Non-specific aches and pains

Weak immunity – susceptible to colds, pneumonia

Mental and Behavioral Symptoms


Worry, anxiety




Confusion, restless

Intolerance to stress

Intolerance to cold

Some things that you can do to help you balance yourself in mind, body and soul

Regular habits such as regular meals, bedtime, work schedule

Warm, well-cooked foods, sunshine, avoidance of cold food and drink

Nourishing foods in cold weather, even some heavy foods such as long cooked soups and stews

Relaxing times, adequate rest, nurturing emotions

Stable relationships and work, stable home life

Calm and quiet time, orderly work

Warm and gentle  sesame oil massages

Learn how to breathe better so that you can find your inner self

Taken in part from : Chopra, D. ( 1993). Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. New York, NY.  Harmony Books.