Get off the processed foods and Eat Whole Foods

Finding ways to eat healthy can be as easy as eating more whole foods.

Finding ways to eat healthy can be as easy as eating more whole foods.


Be Health Conscious and Get off Processed Foods

There are so many reasons to get off of processed foods. All the additives, processing and chemicals added to food should push anyone toward eating better.

It is actually cheaper in the long run to eat healthier because you stay healthy because  You are what you eat!

If you spend a little more now at the grocery store on fruits and veggies, you will spend less in medical bills, and prescription medications later on in life. Eating better can really change how you feel in mind, body and spirit.



In the winter the choices of fresh veggies and fruit are different, but different can be good and inexpensive. Try a new squash for instance. Did you know that some of them are drier than others? A dry consistency squash can be cubed and used in many different types of dishes. They are not all like pumpkin or acorn squash which is sweet and soft.

For instance, the Spaghetti squash, shaped like a skinny watermelon can be steamed or baked, then you rake out the inside and serve it up like spaghetti. There are many squashes that you can buy all year. Many of them taste a lot like sweet potato but with a nuttier flavor.

What are Whole Foods?  Elson Haas in his book: Staying Healthy With The Seasons explains what whole foods are and why they are better for us.

As nature grows them. They are fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, lettuce and carrots. They are seeds such as sunflower and sesame. They are nuts such as walnuts, almonds and pecans. And they are whole grains such as brown rice, millet, wheat, rye, and oats. And last but not least- beans such as pinto, mung and garbanzos.

The more natural you eat, the better your body can digest the food. Foods can be eaten many different ways such as raw, baked, steamed and fried.

Factory processed foods can lose much of the natural nourishment. Those foods that are preserved with unnatural or chemical additives can live a longer shelf life but really do not have any life at all, and may even be toxic.

Be aware of the foods that you are taking in, and try to change your diet to include more whole foods that are low in processed or chemical additives.

For optimal health and a balanced system proper foods, exercise and a positive attitude can keep you healthy mind, body and soul.

Taken in part from: Haas, E. (2003). Staying Healthy With The Seasons. 21st Century Ed. San Rafael, CA. Celestial Arts.