Eating Light In The Winter

Cut up some fruits and veggies. They are packed with vitamin C and taste so good~

Cut up some fruits and veggies. They are packed with vitamin C and taste so good~


What Should We Eat In The Winter?

We would all like to think that we can eat what we want all year round, but if you are eating heavy foods in the wintertime, you are setting yourself up for weight gain.

The sun is not shining as much, and it is hard to get outside because of the cold, but get out there and take a walk!

Not only do you still have to find a way to exercise in the cold weather, you have to watch more carefully what you eat.

Mindful Eating

Becoming more mindful with your eating may help and  using some good advice such as Elson Haas and his book Staying Healthy with the Seasons may help you too. Elson believes that a winter diet needs to produce more heat in the body.  Soups and stews are a good choice to produce some heat on those cold winter days.


Healthy Eating Choices

Other good, hearty choices for the winter include whole grains which are complex carbohydrates that will keep you full, burn well in the body and are great for elimination. Millet and buckwheat are the best choices because they are less starchy that other grains such as brown rice, wheat barley or oats. Of course the seasonal vegetables such as squashes make a great side dish or used to make your soups creamy by cooking, blending them, and then adding to soup you are making for a creamy texture.

Experiment with cooking grains. Use them for desserts too. Add some almond milk, cinnamon and agave, and any grain will be a great dessert.

Making a Veggie Soup

I love to make a batch of veggie soup once a week in the wintertime. I just use a veggie broth ( I first steam the veggies I am going to use and use the broth), I add  a  chopped clove of garlic and some fresh ginger. Then I add the veggies: today I used fresh  Brussels sprouts, some chopped cabbage, carrots, parsnips, frozen corn and spinach. I added some low carbohydrate spaghetti (a leftover from last night) and then I let it simmer.

Taken in Part from: Haas, E. (2003). Staying Healthy With The Seasons. San Rafael, CA. Celestial Arts