Longevity: Can you get there?


Make your life full of little changes that mean a lot. Begin to change slowly and before you know it, life is good.

Make your life full of little changes that mean a lot. Begin to change slowly and before you know it, life is good.


On how to live a long, healthy life

If you have a goal to live a long time, you better start changing some things. Dr. Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind believes that there is a recipe for longevity and you can be on your way with some tips.
Learning how to better care for yourself:
1. Exercise is on the top of the list, but studies have found that it need not be strenuously done, daily exercise is important to staying healthy throughout your life. Suggestions: Walking everyday.

A good clip to your walk burns off more calories, but your walk does not  have to be fast, just a daily effort. It has been found that people who consistently exercise, even if it is just a stroll in the park, or walking up and down stairs daily, live longer.

Take in the beauty as you stroll through town gazing at the wonders of nature.
2. Eating less.  Longevity theorist have put this one to the test with some mice. The ones who lived longer, were the leanest! If you really want to live a long time, you may need to weigh about the same weight as in your early twenties. Sustaining you weight is also a key to longevity. People who are up and down most of their lives, do not live as long as people who are always about the same weight. Begin this task with more consciousness on not only what you eat, but portion size and caloric intake.


Eating more mindfully may also be helpful. Slow down, look at your food before you put it in your mouth, and chew each mouthful thoroughly.

Becoming more conscious of your portion sizes, and beginning to reduce the fat and inflammatory foods such as red meats and sugar can really help your efforts on longevity.


Fasting may help too. Fasting does not have to be total depriving effort. Try a fast that includes only eating fruits, veggies and grains for a few days. Fasting has been studied in many ways, and done since the beginning of time. Your efforts at fasting can help with rid your body of many toxins.

Live in a Holistic and Healthy Way

People who want to live a long time, want to do it healthy. No one wants to live a long time and not be able to do the things they enjoy.

You need to think about keeping yourself in shape- the shape of your mind, body and spirit is very important to the quality of your life.

Think of yourself as many parts of one. Think of your mind, body and spirit as you plan your life.

Consider what you body needs are, keep your mind in focus through continuing educational pursuits, consider your spirit and your needs for companionship, staying positive and becoming a loving person.

Taken in part from: Chopra, D. ( 1993) Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old. New York, NY. Harmony Books.