Successful Aging

Take a trip and see some wonderful things. Here is a mural of a Navy Ship; Old Town San Diego.

Take a trip and see some wonderful things. Here is a mural of a Navy Ship in Old Town San Diego.


There are many ingredients needed to age successfully.

Aging can be dreadful, or it can be a wonderful experience that takes you to deeper learning experiences and wisdom.

What are the Ingredients?

It is all about keeping the mind, body and soul nourished and active.
Make your New Year’s goals on the different areas of your being, and you will find yourself feeling better. You need to oil that rusty wheel and start to live life fully each and every day.

Use it or lose it is a saying that is true of aging successfully.
Starting with the Physical
Plan some new ways to make your physical being more flexible and balanced. Balance is important as you age. Falling seems to happen more often to people as they age. You need to protect your balance in a physical way. Practice some balancing exercises daily. They can be very easy such as standing up on your toes or standing on one foot and then the other.

Another idea is to start a walking routine. This may be just the thing to jumpstart you into some weight loss that can make you feel lighter and energized~
Your Mind
What is really interesting to you?
Finding a new interest may be just the thing. Pick up a new book on a topic you have never studied, or take a class on a topic that has always interested you. Do it with a friend, and it will not only be more interesting, but fun!
Your Soul and Nature
Nature surrounds you.

Find new interesting places to travel to. The places do not have to be very far away.

Visit your own town, and see the beauty of nature before you.

Enriching your Soul through enriching your mind

You soul can also be nourished with some literature that is thought provoking, or maybe you always wanted to write that book. Start it today, and make your mind, body and soul feel like it is souring!