Like the branch of a tree, bending and swaying

When you gaze at the beauty before you, begin to see how each moment is as it should be.

When you gaze at the beauty before you, begin to see how each moment is as it should be.




The Flexible Person Knows Themselves and is able to bend as needed

Most of us feel that we are flexible, but maybe we are not. We may be flexible physically if we exercise and stretch, but are we flexible in other areas such as our mind and soul?

Dr. Deepak Chopra writes on where we should be in life, and how flexibility can help in every aspect of life.

He believes that in order to be successful in life there are some things you need to follow.

On Being Right

You do not always have to be right. You can bend because rigid branches break during stormy times.
In Dr. Chopra’s book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he speaks on how to learn from nature. “Grass does not try to grow, it just grows.” We can learn from that statement. We do not have to force every issue in life. We can follow a good path in life without much resistance.


On Inflexibility

Forcing people to believe as we do, or argue just for the sake of hurt feelings is not a way to be successful in life.

We can be happy, in harmony and have good fortune with ease. We do not have to change everything, we can find good fortune without resistance.

Gaining Freedom with Flexibility
When you stop trying to convince someone of your point of view, you gain a new freedom. This is the principle of harmony and love. Being flexible means being with the moment, in the moment, not trying to force anything, and believing that every moment is just as it should be.

You can become a person in harmony when you let go, and without resistance, good things will begin to happen.

Taken in part from: Chopra, D. ( 1994).  The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. San Rafael, CA. Amber-Allen Publishing.