Stress: Work on Yourself

Isn't it wonderful how beautiful winter can be.

Winter can be a beautiful time of year.




It is so important to learn how to de-stress yourself

Slowing yourself down from the stress of life is important to mental, physical and spiritual well being. Take a look around you, slowing down to gaze at the beauty of nature. Take a daily walk, no matter what the weather brings. If it is raining, take an umbrella, if it is snowing, dress in layers and always wear clothing with reflective material so others can see you. I wear cleats on my boots to prevent falls.




On Learning How to Breath

Just Breathe in relaxation and breath out joy!
Learning how to breathe can help control stress.
Become balanced and grounded in the Earth
If you want to be balanced in life, so you have to work on your own self.

There are no secrets to learning how to relax, but it takes practice.

The more you repeat something, the better you get at it.

Learning a breathing exercise is a good start to any relaxation routine
Here is a breathing exercise that can immediately slow you down right away. So if you are in a frenzy, try this!

Do this standing:
When you inhale, raise your arms in the air, when you exhale move them back to the side of your body.
Do this one more time, and then try it  again-but this time with your eyes closed.
Do you understand the balance that you need to concentrate on when your eyes are closed?

This is how you learn how to slow everything down.
Another addition:  This time try this breathing technique while counting.

When you raise your hands in the air and inhale- Count slowly, 1,2,3,4, and pause (stop breathing for a second) then lower your arms slowly to the side of your body counting 1,2,3,4,5,6- pause ( stop breathing for a second before you begin again for your second round.) Notice that when you exhale you count to 6, this helps to push all the air and toxins out of the body.
When you practice this breathing technique, do it only 2 times, to prevent hyperventilation. And always do breathing techniques slowly.

The Slow Practice of Breathing Techniques Can Help with Many Ailments

Learning breathing techniques can really help with fatigue, help in the management of your emotions, help you to sleep better and even slow down the aging process because when you are calm, relaxed and centered, you do not have all those funny lines on your forehead and between your eyes!

Taken in part from: Kohler, M. (1973). The Secrets of Relaxation. New York, NY. Warner Books, Inc.