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Taking care of yourself through acupressure can help with pain.

Taking care of yourself through acupressure can help with pain.



In the winter months we may begin to feel some aches and pains.

Maybe it is the weather that makes our joints hurt, or it may be because we are not exercising as much in the winter.

I have been studying acupressure for many years, and I have found that it is older than acupuncture. Because of this, I think that alternative therapies should become a part of  self-care.

Open up your mind to some new experiences and try some potent points out. As we age, we may need some extra help~


Acupressure Points and Self-Massage

Michael Reed Gash in his book: Acupressure’s Potent Points tells us how to use self-care for common ailments that we may have. Here are a few suggestions:

I will begin with knee pain because a student of mine was looking for some alternative ways to help her knee:

Because the knee joint absorbs the entire weight of the body, many people have trouble with their knees, especially if there is a weight problem involved.

When the pain in the knee is due to acute strain or chronic muscular  problems, acupressure and some vigorous rubbing  can help relieve pain, reducing swelling and increasing blood circulation to the knee are.

To help with the pain using acupressure,  10 minutes a day  for a few weeks can help.

Other methods for knee pain include massaging the affected area using hot compresses with a thick heavy towel that has been soaked in hot water. Once the joint is warmed up, you can practice a few acupressure points. And try to stay off you knees during your self- help time, avoiding stairs as much as possible.

Step 1

Using a tennis ball under the knee on a thick pillow to prevent the ball from slipping.

Step 2

Place the palms of your hands on both sides of your knee and briskly rub both sides for about a minute, creating a warming friction

Step 3

Press around the knee cap  using the thumbs and index fingers of both hands, directing the pressure underneath the knee too.

Step 4

Place hand over hand on the knee and slowly rotate the knee in one direction and then the other. 10 times while you deep breath.

Taken in part from: Gash, M. ( 1990) Acupressure’s Potent Points. A guide to self-care for common ailments. New York, NY. Bantam Books