On Being Good to Yourself and Others

Can you imagine what it takes to build a hive?

Can you imagine what it takes to build a hive?


There is a wonderful saying that is so true~
I do not know where it came from, so I guess it will be anonymous- you get more bees with honey than vinegar!

Gathering the bees

Being nice to yourself and others really  has its perks.

When you are nice to people, they are nice back. Kindness is contagious.

It seems like a very practical thing to do in life. It even makes you feel better inside when you are nice.


Just Smile

When you smile, you just feel good. When you are not nice, your muscles tense, you frown and you just feel  and look bad.

I was walking yesterday, and found an old bee hive that reminded me of the wonderful things that bees do together. Do you realize how much work they do to create such a beautiful tasting treat as honey.
How amazing our world is. If we could just work together all the time in harmony, the world would be a much better place.

Can you build your personal hive that includes happy, loving people?

Imagine all the things that need mending. Maybe you have a few friends that you haven’t seen lately, or you may of had a falling out. Can your hive be mended?

Finding ways to make your life better can be a good goal. Look at the tasty honey that comes from the work of so very many bees.

Become a busy, loving person who realizes, ” life is short, so I better start building my hive.”

Your Spirit Can Help You to Grow

Spend some time with others. Help a friend who needs someone. Develop self-improvement ideas that include others. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Take a walk in the beauty with a person you need to re-connect with.