Meaningful living

San Diego fall weather. It is beautiful. Reds and oranges can pick up the spirit.

San Diego fall weather. It is beautiful. Reds and oranges can pick up the spirit.



You believe that you are looking for a way to make life more meaningful.

How can  you direct spiritual attention to your heart?

Some say that mindfulness practice can help you to find meaning.

You find a sense of inner dignity and wholeness to yourself.

Being mindful of your thoughts and letting them pass as the wind does. Just moments of bliss, or maybe not blissful, but you still let it pass. Put it to the wind. Let it go and just be.



Developing tenderness toward oneself can be a good task. Are you feeling wonderful just to be alive? Can you just smile and make yourself feel better?

Can you let worry and fear be easy?

Can you teach yourself emotional wellness?  Are you willing to feel everything in life including love, loneliness, contentment, gloom, passion, empathy and apathy?

Make sense of your emotional ways. Bond with yourself and others, and feel alive and well.

Cultivate Happiness

Cultivate it like a spiritual garden. Do not allow weeds to grow in your garden of life. Carefully choose each word that you say to others, be positive even when it is difficult. Make your garden colorful, full of life.

Feel what living is all about. Explore your spirit, your inner self. It may be hard, easy, it may be messy and passionate.

Open your heart

Open you heart to pain, love, rage and anger. Be passionate and irrational at times.

Explore being alive.  Do not be swept away by the negative. Feel it and then let it go. Become more mindful in this exploration and choose to be happy and content no matter what life has in store for you.

Taken in part from: Lesser, E. ( 1999). The New American Spirituality. A Seeker’s Guide. New York, NY. Random House.