Feeling Blue? Try wearing it or looking at it




I love the color blue. It helps me to be calm and centered. Slows me down when I need it.

I love the color blue. It helps me to be calm and centered. Slows me down when I need it. ( This picture was taken in San Diego at Old Town. It is a great mural)


Learning about Color

Like aromatherapy, color therapy can be fun to learn about.

I enjoy colors.

I love to paint pictures using different colors, and I also love to look at the color blue, especially water scenes.

I used to believe  it was the water that was soothing to me when I went to the beach just to look at the waves, but now I know it is also about the color blue. Blue is a wonderful color to look at~


I love the color blue because it is so soothing to me.

Author Pauline Wills in her book: Color Therapy, talks about the symbolization related to blue.

Blue signifies inspiration, devotion, peace and tranquility. It is therefore an excellent color to wear when you need some inspiring thoughts.

Because blue creates for us a sense of space, it is considered a cold color.  If you paint a room blue, it will look much larger but it also nourishes, inspires and just makes you feel better.

Slowing It Down

Blue can be a color that helps you to slow things down.

It can even help you to relax and meditate. If you are looking for a color to treat your tension, fear, palpitations, and even insomnia, try blue~

For Health Reasons

Blue is also helpful in the reduction of inflammation.  Blue has medicinal healing for laryngitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, and goiters. It has also been used for shock, stings and headaches.

Becoming More Joyful

Blue works well with it complementary color, orange. When both are together, they can bring a state of peace and joy. If you need some joy in your life, try adding some orange and blue to your home.

Taken in part from: Willis, P ( 1993).  Color Therapy: The Use of Color for Health and Healing.  Rockport, MA. Element Publishing.