The New Year and Finding Your Path


Look at life with wonder and awe.

Look at life with wonder and awe.


This is a great time of year to clear out the old business and start anew! A new, meaningful path that may have you doing some new things.

So get out the pen and anything goes. My goal this year is to try my best to be more positive about everything. I do not want to be a Pollyanna, but I want to be more focused and centered on what is inside of me. My internal being needs some refreshing things to ponder. I want to  be less stressed about things, and more focused on doing some good things for others.

This may seem too global of a goal, but so far it is working well for me. Every time I catch myself saying something negative about something or someone, I stop myself.


Catch yourself doing some kind things instead of complaining about what is going on with you.

In the book by Abraham Twerski, When Do the Good Things Start? Assessing yourself and where you are going in your life is a good first step toward taking responsibility for yourself. First, begin to face reality. What is going on with you right now? And if it is not very much, then take some positive action.

Remember that the good things in life start when YOU begin to see things differently!

So take a personal inventory of yourself. Make a list of the things you are good at. Things that you have learned in life. Then make another list~  The things that you know you have done wrong! These wrong things are also valuable learning experiences.

And then try to learn from these past experiences and vow~  ” I will never do that again!”

Your Spirit Needs Help to grow too

Take a look at what you feel inside your heart. Allow your spirit to soar and find its way to help you be a better person. Take some time to spend with people who are less fortunate than you are. Allow your spirit to find peace and joy in helping others.



Taken in part from: Twerski, A. ( 1988) When Do the Good Things Start? A therapist look and life’s ups and downs. New York, NY. Topper Books.