Look at life with awe and wonder.

Look at life with awe and wonder.


Following a Path of Selfless Action

Many people seem to think that Karma is ” What goes around, comes around.” Well, what it really is about is providing selfless acts to others.

Karma in Yoga terms

If you really want to change, and make a good New Year’s Resolution, you should try becoming more Karmic. Here is a definition on Karma Yoga.

Karma yoga is the path of selfless action. It becomes a path of service to others. What is important about Karma is that you need to do service without expecting a reward in return.

The goal of Karma Yoga is to cheerfully and willingly do things, even mundane things like housework with love.

Pure Heart and a Positive Attitude

Another aspect of Karma Yoga is your actions and duties in life should always be done with a positive attitude. A true, pure heart is not motivated by aggression, competition, or other egocentric reasons.

The Mind, Body and Soul of Living and Loving

To become a better person and strive toward helping others, a person may need to change some things about themselves. Look in ward and find the things in yourself that need some fine tuning. Become more spiritual and discover the wonders of nature. Walk meditatively each day, soaking in the sun’s rays. Even on cloudy or snowy days, walk and just breathe in calm and breathe out joy.

Karma in the general sense

Karma is an Eastern Term, and Faith is a Western term.

Both tell us that what happens to us, happens for a reason, not some magical or mystical reason, but a rational one.

Viewing Life Through Karma

When we view life through karma, nothing is random, everything in our live is connected, nothing wasted. Everything has a purpose.

Karma is about action and consequences.  For example: If I act with ignorance, the consequences will be painful and create future ignorance.

If I act with understanding of others, the consequences will be harmony and I will feel joy in my heart.


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