Undersanding the way things are



Wonderful days in San Deigo

Wonderful days in San Diego


It is grand to be at an age when you don’t  have to listen to anyone anymore.

You can go on your  way with things unfinished, and no one expects you to change.

That is the good thing about getting older, no one expects 100%.

The bad news is that if you want to stay on top of things, you have to learn new things all the time.

This is the hard part. Because you are not as quick as you used to be, taking classes or just learning can be a real struggle.

Tomorrow I am attending a new yoga adventure where I am learning more knowledge related to how to teach yoga.

I really want to be a more effective teacher, and therefore this is a way to help, not only myself but others who may benefit from my increased knowledge base~ if there are any new things that I can internalize without too much of a struggle. I actually like learning new things. I struggle, but it is a good struggle. It stretches me and flexes my brain!

A few friends of mine are taking the weekend yoga practice together, so it should at least be a fun time.

The problem as we age is that we may not be able to memorize all the material. The aging brain just does not work as well as it used to but it does still work. It may take you a little longer than some young, flexible yogi, but you will get it! That is why I like yoga so much. It meets you where you are. You are not supposed to be able to do all of the stretches and bends and inversions. You are supposed to practice and get better. There is no competition with yoga~ Everyone is a winner who helps others learn the moves and grooves!

Your Center and Balance in Life

Yoga centers you, your mind, body and soul. You become much more in touch with yourself and the way that your body moves, balances, relaxes and stretches. You learn to love yoga, and how it makes you feel so good at the end of a session.


Here are a few yoga tips from some of the literature that I have been reading

Always elongate and stretch your body, especially you neck~ be protective of your neck. Stretch it slowly.

You should not feel any pain when doing yoga poses.

If it hurts, slow it down. If you shake in a pose, slow it down, pull out of it slightly.

Newer do any inversions that you are uncomfortable with. You do not want to be a bridge or a boat if it hurts your back. And you never really want to be a camel at any age, if it hurts when you do it.


To sum it up- accepting the way things are in your life is important. Realizing your limitations is very important. Doing the things that you really want to do is so important that you better start right now~