Time to Be Thankful




Walking along the beauty of 18 Mile Creek can be a wonder.

Walking along the beauty of 18 Mile Creek can be a wonder.

Being Grateful

Today, be grateful for all that you have in life.

During the holidays,  it is sometimes difficult to see what you have.

The rushing and shopping all make for stressful living.

Take some time today to count your blessings and make a resolution to find ways to decrease some of your stress in life.

I find that just a few minutes of yoga stretching in the morning really helps to regenerate my soul. Reaching high and stretching to the sky can not only loosen up your arms, but also strengthen your body.

Try a walk in the snow. This can be invigorating. Wearing cleats, I stomp through the snow. Snow walking is as strenuous as walking or jogging in the sand. And even if you are not in a sandy, nice place, snow can be beautiful too.

See the beauty in things that others do not see

Find your path and walk it daily. Find ways to make exercising a routine in your life that sticks with you. There is such a big payoff for being in shape. You feel so much better.

Watch a winter bird, or see the impressions of tiny feet  from some playful squirrels. Then watch people walking along your path. You can be a happier and content just by doing some things that feel good.