Take a look around you and see the beauty in nature.

Take a look around you and see the beauty in nature.


I would like to believe that it is possible to control every aspect of your life with a technique call moderation, but every once in awhile we have to do the unmentionable and have that ice cream cone!

On weight loss and maintenance

If you stay with it most of the time, occasionally going off the wagon so to speak,  will not harm your best efforts.

With diet, exercise and some good ways to control your stress in life,  staying healthy can be easy.



Stress reduction techniques could be as easy as taking a walk each day to just listen to your inner soul, or it could be more complicated such as learning how to do tai chi or yoga. These stress reduction techniques are practices that you need to develop skill at, and that takes time and dedication, so a walk is a good start.

Moderation in the amounts you eat

It really is all about portion control when it comes to staying at the weight we want. You can be realistic, and sometimes have more than you should, but those occasional indulgences should not keep you from your goals in life.

When you think of weight reduction as creating a new lifestyle instead of “dieting” it becomes easier to stay on track.

Aging and Health

It is true that as you age gravity takes on a new form, and everything starts to drop, including your belly. Trying to slim down may be harder than it was when you were younger. Remember that weight reduction is all about what you eat. 70% food and 30% exercise. So you have to get the food covered first. Good ideas: Eating more fruits and veggies, watching your fats~ especially deep fried foods, they need to be kept at a minimum. Another problem for many people is salt and sugar. As we age, our taste buds are not as good, so we begin to love things that we can taste such as sugar and salt. Staying away can be difficult but if you increase your intake of fiber, this can help your cravings, and studies have shown that increasing fiber can also help with weight reduction.

Mind, Body and Soul

Remember that you need to consider your holistic self when healthy living is the issue. Take care of your mind with stimulating activities such as reading and writing. Take care of your body by doing some daily exercise. Get into the routine. And take care of your spiritual self through some development of positive affirmations and other soul searching modalities. Learn acupressure, reflexology, and tapping!