Exercising the brain

How do you get more brain power?

Taking a walk or jog can help you early in the morning to be centered and well.

Taking a walk or jog can help you early in the morning to be centered and well.



If you have a slump of sorts in your mind, body and spirit, the best thing to do is to exercise your body. Physical  exercise is one of the best ways to make sure that your mind is healthy. You even get rid of all those bad thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may make you a bit tense or even angry. To help your mind become a healthier, exercise your body.

There is a lot of research on the benefits of exercise, but  I know from experience that it really works to help me feel more centered, balanced and ready for the day. Starting off with some form of exercise early in the morning is best for me, but if I do not fit it in there, I do some before lunch time.


Passive and Active

I have found that doing both passive (yoga) and active ( running or jogging) really helps me to be centered and balanced for the day.


Another terrific benefit of exercise is sweating. There is much research on the benefits. Sweating cleans out all the toxins from your body. Therefore, an exercise that can really make you sweat is the thing to do.

The Spirit

Adding a spiritual component to your mindful experiences throughout the day can lift depression. This time of year, in the winter months many people experience SAD ~ Seasonal Affective Disorder. So If you really want to lift yourself out of the slump, try a meditative walk, no music, just thinking about thinking, concentrating on your breath or just be silent!