Time for some holiday fun. Take a walk and smell the beauty of a pine tree.

Time for some holiday fun. Take a walk and smell the beauty of a pine tree.




It is great to reminisce around the holidays

Thinking about the holidays when I was a child can bring on a tear, and  most of my childhood memories were good ones like when my dad almost fell off a ladder putting up the lights on this giant pine we had in our front yard.

The neighbors always came to watch when dad was doing something a bit daring,  and help, sometimes…

Their help would be  comments on how dangerous it was to hang lights so high up the tree.

But that did not stop my dad, he said someone told him his  tree was as grand as Rockefeller Square in NYC.

After that, he was compelled to string the lights every year, no matter what.

Passing it on
Things  we remember that bring a tear or two can help us to get in touch with ourselves and our souls. We need a spiritual side to our lives.
Passing on a good memory to your children can bring  pleasure to your life, and brighten their lives.

Another memory of my dad was the time that he brought me a live Christmas Tree for my kids.

He knew that I did not have much cash at the time, and he wanted to help out.

He did not  call~ he just walked in carrying a tree. It was great. It has been  over 30 years ago, and I still remember how wonderful it was.
Let you kids remember some thing special about you.  Do something that they will never forget. It does not have to be a grand thing~ just something that brings on a smile.
If you do not have children, you can still create a wonderful memory for someone. This is the time of year to do it. Make someone’s holiday special this year.