Sunny Days filled with color

table with chair at homeSometimes I just sit.

Stillness is good.

Concentrating and focusing on just being in the moment helps me to find a sort of inner peace.

Can you learn how to get to this place?

I believe that you can, because life is not always black and white.

It has subtle shades of different colors and simple ways to help yourself.


I find that helping me means helping others to see that there are people around who care. And there are ways to take care of yourself, through yourself, in your mind, body and soul.

So be still and see what I see.

It is life with a calmness that cannot be disturbed, only when there is need.

Take time for yourself, and see what is out there.

Look at the beauty of a special tree.

Find peace is a long walk where you listen to the birds and soft breezes.

Take a  deep breath and smell the scents of the air, and never forget that you can just be.

Be still, calm and relaxed.

In touch with your inner soul.

Sunny Days

Sunny days are few this time of year,  and  today there was an unusual brightness that begged me to go outdoors.

I was so amazed by the wonder.

The pond that I frequent looked like glass, and the stillness of the water was crisp and clear. Just like I wanted it to be, still with the soft flow, and filled with calmness and wonder.

There I am focused on my inner soul. Breathing calmly, but in awe.

I never saw something so beautiful in my life.

I never saw something so beautiful in my life.