Therapy through Color work


Try some alternatives to medication when you have some anxiety and stress in your life!

Try some alternatives to medication when you have some anxiety and stress in your life!





Improve your Thinking: Improve your Mood

Thinking in colors and looking at colors can help you with your winter blues. The use of colors is centuries old. For ages, people have adorned themselves with different aspects of hues that not only help them feel better, but also help others to look at. If you are feeling under the weather today, wear something yellow or orange. It will give you some relief!


The Power of Yellow

Pauline Wills in her Book Color Therapy talks about yellow as being a sacred color.

In Chinese, yellow is the color of the lunar hare, an animal which is given to all moon deities and represents rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection, intuition and “light in darkness.” In Christianity yellow is linked to sacredness and divinity. In Buddhism, the monks wore yellow robes to signify renunciation and humility.

Yellow can also be a symbol related to the mind and intellect, representing the power of thought and intellectuality. In therapy, the color yellow can represent detachment and help people to detach from negative feelings and habits that may be getting in the way of happiness.

Yellow can carry positive rays as in sunshine! It strengthens and stimulates a higher mentality. It is activating and can help you to move your body! The energy from yellow can improve your mood.

Orange energy

A related to yellow color brings more brightness and energy to your day. Orange is gentle, yet dynamic.  Orange is the color of joy and happiness.

Orange can bring about changes in mood, allowing the body to be joyful. In alternative color therapy work, orange is used to treat some diseases such as kidney stones and gall bladder problems. Orange has also shown itself as useful in chronic bronchitis and clearing the build up of phlegm and coughs.

The color orange has anti-spasmodic effects and can help with muscle spasms and cramps.

Taken in part from : Wills, P. (1994). Color Therapy: The Use of Color for Health and Healing. Rockport, MA. Element Publishing