Joyful Moments

It would be wonderful to have spring flowers in the winter.

It would be wonderful to have spring flowers in the winter.










Wouldn’t it be wonderful to smell and look at beautiful flowers in the winter. I am having a difficult time with winter so far this year because we have not had much sun. Started to take my vitamin D this week. Large doses seem to help me with the lack of sunshine but I still enjoy looking at colorful things this time of year.

There are many theories on color. Certain colors really affect my mood, especially orange. In the winter, I enjoy wearing bright orange colors that perk me up, and others often comment on my attire.

To pick up your mood you could also try some colorful veggies and fruits to add to your meals.

Maintaining your weight in the winter can be difficult, so putting some extra veggies and fruits into your daily diet is a good thing. Try some of the squashes out there. This year was the first time I have tried the harder, drier squash. I steamed a Hubbard squash and cubed it and put it in my veggies soup. It almost looked like a potato. And the taste was great. There are so many varieties of squash, and they are low in calories.

Other healthy things to do? Try some new forms of exercise. I like to walk a lot, but lately I have been trying to move faster. A fast clip down the street burns more calories. I have also grown in my yoga adventures. I am taking another yoga class in a few weeks. I am thinking about adding some dance steps into my yoga routines. Some swaying and rolling of the hips can get your waist a little slimmer.

Enlist others. I have convinced quite a few people to try out yoga, and have even talked a few friends into taking some yoga training with me.