This Time of Year~ Bring in the Positive


When you look out the window, is your view black and white? Or do you dream and meditate in color? Put some color in your life this time of year. It feels good when there are hues of greens, yellows and blues in your mind’s eye.


This time of year we may have to force ourselves to be more positive in general.

It is so much easier to be in a good mood when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. And the warm breezes flow softly against your face. But when the stiff wind sends chills up your spine~ then it is difficult to enjoy the winter months.

But what about the sounds of silence?

When I take a walk early in the morning on a crisp day in wintertime, all I hear is silence. This can be a good thing to get you thinking about life and how precious it is.

Life is also fragile in the sense that we do not know what is ahead, and cannot change things in the past that may make us sad. But dwelling on it never helps to bring peace.

When I was younger, I thought life as I was living it would stay the same for a long time.

I never realized how fast the years pass by.

Before I knew it, my kids were grown, and I was left on my own to start again. This was my next challenge. Finding meaning in life again. I spent so much time centered around what my children and husband’s needs were, I did not plan for myself.

The Challenges of the Empty Nest

Every since my empty nest, I have been struggling, but it is a good struggle.

If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have focused more on the present moment of living. The things that I really wanted to do would have been important. Now~ I do that. I do what I want to do ( most of the time!)

Today,  I  can concentrate on what I can do  to be happy

I find time to help others by teaching, mentoring and caring about them through my words and actions.

Kindness is contagious and so is being more positive. I spend a lot of time thinking up ways to send positive vibes to others!

Just saying a few positive words to someone each day can help make their day more pleasant and enjoyable. No one really wants to be unhappy.


Today, choose happiness, joy and love.


Acceptance is an important part of being happy.

It is number one in personal growth. You need to accept the way things are, and then you can be happy and content. Only then will you be able to grow and share happiness with others.

Joyful Living

Joy does not just come into our lives, it has to be cultivated and even challenged sometimes because bad things do happen, and we have to accept that too. There will always be good and bad, just like yin and yang. That is how life is balanced and centered. This homeostasis is important to our mind, body and soul.


 Work hard to bring joy into your life.