A Plant Based Diet Can Improve your Health

Take a walk. There is evidence that overall health is linked to diet, exercise and decreasing your stress!


It is true that eating better can improve your health, but do you really need to get rid of all of the meat?
Prevention of Diseases

An article in the AARP Bulletin this December has shown that if you want to do some preventative work, you need to at least lower the amount of meat in your diet to prevent different kinds of cancer.

As we age. it may become even more important to eat better because we are becoming more and more vulnerable to diseases of all types.

Many cancer prevention groups continue to recommend a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent many diseases. There are so many diets out there, what is the right one for you?


Should you eat 3 Meals or 6 meals a day?

There is much controversy on this topic. It has been commonly accepted that 6 meals a day is a better solution to weight loss, but a new study has discounted that theory.

In an article entitled: Three Large Meals Per day is Actually Healthier Than Many Small meals by David Gutierrez, fewer meals is better.

When you eat too many meals, you are tempted more often with eating. It may seem like you are eating all the time, and that can sabotage your efforts at weight reduction and maintenance.

What the Researchers Found

The findings might help to craft better, healthier eating habits. By eating larger meals less frequently lowered blood-fat levels.  And over time, larger meals can not only lower blood fat, but the changes of developing heart disease.

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