Some Wellness Tips


Find your passion, find your fun in life. See the stars and sunshine radiating in your life.



When you think of the word wellness, what comes to mind?

I always think of the mind, body and soul of wellness and health. Think about wellness as something that needs to be worked on your entire life. In order to stay healthy and well, you need to have many goals related to your mental, physical and spiritual health and wellness.


Here are some questions to ponder when you think of being well:

1. You begin to realize that every moment counts. You do not know how long you are going to live, therefore, every thing, in every moment counts, and is important to your being~ in mind, body and spirit. Your spirit and the things that you do will be remembered by someone, so make it count toward some good things. Do some things that people will remember you by!

2. Wellness is Focused on goals: Do you have a health goal?  Are you in control of yourself? Of your weight? Of what you eat every day of the week? Try to develop some goals that address healthy living.

3. Are you balanced? Do you feel like you have a center? Is your mind, body and soul centered on doing your best? Or do you just float around trying different things in life that might not be what you really want or need to do. I need to balance myself physically through my posture. I catch myself ~ remembering to sit up straight, walking straight. I also remember to find meaningful things to do that help me stay centered in my mind such as reading a good book, or teaching a skill to someone.

4.  Do you take pride in yourself? Feel confident? Have you accomplished some meaningful goals in life? Begin to take pride in  the things that you do. Help others to see that they can also be more confident in themselves as you are.

5. Do you find pleasure in life? Does your daily routine, or the tasks that you do feel good to you? Are you doing things that you enjoy? If not, it is time to find some pleasure in life. Some of my pleasure in life comes from just being here on this earth teaching others about finding themselves.

6. What is your talent in life? Do you have a creative spark that you are working on in a hobby or skill? If not, stay well by challenging yourself at some new interesting things! Take some chances in living! Help others to take a chance and find meaningful experiences.