Individuals who have a hard time expressing themselves are often able to talk through pictures. This Half and Half picture can tell us that we need balance in ourselves. The yin and yang of things~ what are the possibilities for you as far as keeping yourself balanced and well? picture: by anonymous artist

The Yin and Yang, black and White, half and half, growing old with grace and wisdom


Do you think that most people know when they are slipping?

Do you want to know when you are going to become impaired?

Is it better not to  know what your future holds?

Slow and Steady

When I get old, I want to do it slowly.

A slow decent of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical decline. This may not be possible for all of us, especially people who become impaired as they age.





Disability and Impairment

Some people do not have it so lucky.

They decline in a moment it seems, and never come back. It sounds depressing, and it is.

When you know how you used to be, when you were a sharp pencil in the box, it is harder to deal with the disability or impairment that you now have.

But there are good things that happen too.

The picture above was done by an artist who has Alzheimer’s.

Maybe the person knows that they have some kind of brain difficulties, and they are expressing it through a sort of Half-and- Half self portrait. Expression through art can be helpful, and turn a disability  into an ability!

Is it really a disability if you help others through your artwork to learn about a disease?  Many of us do not understand aging and what it brings with it.

Aging Gracefully

Some people are fortunate, and age gracefully, with lots of wisdom and experience. Others do not, but there is always a talent that you can find in everyone, if you look close enough. That is why the arts help so much. Music, dance, painting and drawing are wonderful ways to express oneself, and help others to heal.


Becoming More Mindful: A way to Deal with loss

When you think about it, it  may  be a good thing not to remember accurately.

You can just deal with the here and now.

Like mindfulness meditations, you slip in and out of every moment, not focusing on anything,  but just being in the moment of things in life.

Drastic Declines

In  Alzheimer’s disease, some people slowly decline, and in some, it seems like a moment.


Maybe in the brain of someone who has a brain injury, or disease,  is knowledge of what is going on.

Deep down inside, there is the person who you knew; their warm smile, shining eyes and a tender hug. They are there for you to remember and cherish.