Balance: Can you improve?

Learn how to do yoga. Learn how to meditate while you walk through the woods. You will begin to bring yourself back into balance.



Balancing Acts

There is nothing like a good balancing act. Walking through the woods is one of a kind. Stepping onto the branches, hearing them crunch under your feet. This type of balance can be good for a beginner, but remember to bring a large stick with you for your balance. When you first begin your journey to balancing yourself in mind, body and soul, you may  need some assistance.


Aging and Balance

As we age, our balance becomes very important, especially as it relates to prevention from falls. Balance is all about your feet, and how healthy they are. If you wear ill-fitted shoes, too tight, too lose, or high heels for a long time, you could have balance problems as you age. You can change all that by getting a good pair of shoes that fit well. Ask for assistance when buying shoes, sneakers and boots. Your  journey through the woods will be better and more skillful with a good pair of shoes.

How are your feet?

Can you pick up some marbles with your toes? Are your toes strong enough to stand on for a few moments? Are you able to stand on one foot and then the other with no problem?

Can Balance be corrected?

Balance can be a skill that you can develop. For example: How good are you at standing on one foot and then the other? You can practice that skill. Try to stand on one foot for 30 seconds and then the other for another 30 seconds. Slowly increase your time. If you have to hang onto something like the wall when you first learn balancing exercises, it is alright. You will get better with your balance.

Another good balance skill is toes, center, heels. Stand on your toes, move to the center and then on your heels. This is another balancing act that needs practice in order to perfect!

Just rising up on your toes and then down flatfooted is a good exercise to practice daily. When you get up in the morning try these 3 exercises.

Your New Balancing Act

1. balance on one foot and then the other, repeat for 2 times each side.

2. up on your toes, center, heels, repeat 1o times

3. up on your toes, flatfooted, repeat 10 times

You can also do some yoga moves that can help your balance. Learn about dancer and balancing cat. They can help with your balance.

Remember that the goal of any new exercise is to get good at it so that your body benefits. Therefore, you need to practice!

Balance is so very important

You will begin to notice when your balance is improving because you will be able to do balancing exercises without much effort. Remember that balance seems to slip away from you when you try too hard. Practice daily on some balance routines to improve your skill.

Women and Balance

Women who are strong-boned usually do not have problems with balance as they age but women who have osteoporosis tend to fall more often and may need to take special care related to any kind of exercise. For yoga; using props, chairs, walls to help with poses can really help to take control of your balance.

Other aging problems such as poor eye sight, forward head position, weak muscles can cause balance issues.

Yoga can really help, but if you have osteoporosis do not do headstands  or other unsupported inversions that could bring weight to bear on your spine.

Do not do forward bends that can compress the front part of your spine and increase the likelihood of fractures. Do not do balancing poses without the support of a chair or wall.

Avoid any sudden or jerky movements.

Remember that yoga should always feel good, both in movement and afterwards.  While you may feel a small amount of muscle soreness the next day, there should not be pain or excessive fatigue.

Easy Yoga breathing Exercise

A good yoga breathing practice.

First empty out your lungs with a good exhale.

Then Breathe in through your nose, your belly bellows, rib cage expands for a count of 4. Breathe out, your belly sucks in allowing all of the air out for a count of 6.


Taken in part from: Sparrowe, L and Walden, P. (2004). Yoga for Healthy Bones: A Woman’s Guide. Boston, MA. Shambhala.