I can Do It!


Beautiful sunshiny colors help me to smile. When I gaze at the beauty around me, I can focus on being more positive and in touch with my spirit. All I have to do is picture a beautiful butterfly, and I feel well and in touch with myself.

I can be more positive if I try to be.

Famous last words?

The truth is that if you decide to set a goal of becoming a more positive person, even just setting the goal can help you run with it.
Visualize this
You are sitting at your desk writing down something special for you to accomplish. You don’t even have to write it down, just visualize yourself doing it and it will be yours. Visualization can help you to begin your journey toward health and wellness.
Author Jinger Heath in his book: Positively You! writes that you can do it. You can change.
Next step: You have step one~ the visual aspect, now write it down and post it where you will see it every day. ” I am a special person with many talents. I can make positive changes in my life that will stick like glue!”

Soon you will begin to change. Your ” I can ” voice will be heard. Remember to practice daily on your positive affirmations and do not allow your “I can’t” voice to take over.

Your Spirit

Allow your spirit and its  meaningful ways to help you with  your I can do it goal.

Spreading Kindness and Hope to the World

 Do some good deeds for others, express yourself through positive statements toward others.

Tell someone how nice they look, give someone help who needs it, make saying that you can do it a new habit in your life.

Try some new things. Experiences that are challenging can help build you confidence. Even if you fail, get back up there and try, try again!

When unhappy thoughts come into your mind’s eye,  let them pass quickly and disappear. Do not focus any time on them. Days, then weeks and then months will pass, and your spirit will allow you to be happier and the negative images and thoughts will pass.

Taken in part from: Heath, J. (1998) Positively You! Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. New York, NY. Golden Books.