Finding ways to curb the appetite

When the weather is cold in Buffalo, but you are still walking around for your daily exercise, think about Florida and the warm breezes instead of the wind chill factor!



In the winter, I try not to think about the bad weather. I tough it out and take a water~ rain or shine, or snow or shine! I do it because when the cold weather begins, I do not want to gain any weight, so I fill up on exercise, a natural appetite suppressant.

Other Appetite control Ideas: Fiber

Depression Control: Vitamin D

I have found that a natural appetite suppressant is fiber.

If I put more fiber in my diet, I no longer crave a lot of sweets.  So eat those veggies, especially the greens! And I bake bread with whole wheat flour, adding grains. This heavier bread keeps me full longer, and helps keep me regular.


One of the best things that I do for a snack is to have a lot of carrots and celery around. When I am hungry, I don’t feel guilty about eating low calorie foods. I also cut up fennel. It is a sweet anise flavor.

Find something that you like that you can munch on when you are having a hungry day, and keep it around the house.
On Exercise
I have found that in the winter, the best exercise for me is to walk and walk! It is meditative in nature, if you do it silently. If you do it with a friend, then it becomes your social hour, and that is great for your winter blues! Many of us come down with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) this time of year, so increase your consumption of vitamin D foods and add a vitamin D supplement if your doctor suggests it.
On What foods to Increase
If you really want to lose some weight, increase your veggies, decrease your meat. Increase your fruit, decrease your simple carbohydrates like cakes and candy!!

Anything with sugar in it is inflammatory for your body. It is true that any kind of sugar turns into fat, so watch how many pieces of fruit you have each day. I like to eat the lower carb fruits such as apples and pears. Bananas, if eaten too often can give you too much sugar in your body.