Time to Think about Your Weight?

Winter is here, and we need some ideas to help us stay healthy through the long months. Try some new exercise routines outdoors and indoors. Eat healthier by adding more fruit and veggies to your meals.


In the winter months you really have to watch what you eat~ or exercise a lot more. Take some time to write down your goals for the winter months around your lifestyle.

I find that I have to begin thinking about things that I can do that involve exercising without the outdoor activities that I usually do. I still do some fast walking with my boots and cleats during the winter months. I also have a basement set up with a TV, treadmill and elliptical  for the last resort exercise on a snowy day when I do not want to go outdoors.

Thinking about what you eat

Begin to read labels carefully on items that you choose to eat. When you eat processed foods, they may have hydrogenation, high fructose corn syrup or food colorings and processing that may be harmful.

Try to eat only “whole foods” which means: fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods that you have to cook, such as grains, and protein products other than meats such as tofu and tempeh. You can learn how to cook differently, and your body will thank you with a weight loss or maintenance. Try to eat less dairy. Dairy has many calories in it. Did you know that a serving of cheese is the size of a domino? Try the “other than dairy products” such as soy cheese or yogurt made with coconut or almond milk, they are better for you. They may take a little getting used to, but they are part of a healthier diet plan.

Planning your meals and snacks

Not only carefully planning your meals~ but planning your snacks. Try to keep items in your home that are low calorie. I like those carrot sticks that are ready to eat. I use small bags, put carrots and celery in them, and carry them around. I also eat fennel. You can chop it up just like celery and snack on it. Be prepared by always shopping healthy, and keeping your refrigerator and cupboards filled with healthy foods.

Fruits: I buy bags of apples and pears every week to keep in the fridge when hungry. In the off season apples and pears are a good healthy choice. In the spring and summer~ berries are at their best.  Fruit is a  low calorie snack that helps your sweet tooth.

Planning  on going out for dinner or a party?

I try to eat before I go anywhere where I know that there will be fattening foods everywhere. If you eat a small snack before you go, you will be less hungry for those fattening foods.

When you go to a party make sure that you take something low in calories to pass along.  I have baked grain breads, made my own pizza or brought a snack dish with healthy snacks such as low calorie chips, homemade dips made with a fresh avocado, chick peas and a clove of garlic. Put them all in the blender with a 1/2 cup of water or almond milk ( make sure your drain and rinse the chick peas), and you have a healthy, low calorie dip for your chips, carrot sticks and celery.