Before I leave

put some color into your life. Looking at, thinking about and feeling colors in your life can make you feel healthy and well!


Before I leave this Earth I would like to help. I think that I have found my purpose for this part of my life.

It is helping people to stay healthy and well. It is a struggle of sorts because so many people need help. My goal in this lifetime of mine is to find them, and help them because then they will pass it forward to others in their lives.

What to do first?

Let people know about holism.

Holistic ways of looking at life focuses on you being in control of many of the things that happen to your body, mind and soul.


For example, a holistic doctor would tell you that you have to start working on yourself.

You cannot just take a pill and expect things to get better for you. For instance, if you have high blood pressure, you may have to take a pill because it is out of control. But if you begin to exercise, lose some weight and practice some healthy stress reduction techniques such as relaxation, self-hypnosis, or yoga~ or a combination of all of these, you will get better.

You are the center of your own health and wellness

You have to be at the center of your own health. So the next time you go to your MD, you will begin to tell him or her what you have been doing to help yourself.

I have helped myself a lot. I lost weight, exercise more than I ever have in the past, and I keep my stress down through Yoga practice. I no longer have to take any prescription medication. I only take supplements such as fish oil, B vitamins and fiber products. They help me to stay healthy and well.


The mind and emotional balancing

Wellness consists of many aspects, the mind, body and spirit have to be in a balance so that you can feel overall wellness. Starting with the mind and emotions. Beginning to find ways to decrease your stress in life is a good start. Your emotional status puts you in control of your destiny. Calmness, balance and harmony should be in your life. If you struggle with disharmony, anger or depression, you need to find ways out of that phase of your life. Balancing can begin with just learning how to breath better. Spend time watching your breath, and focus on slowing it down. When you breathe deeply in~ your stomach and ribs expand, when you breathe out~ your stomach sucks in.