Making Changes that Last

 This is definitely the time of year to think about and follow through with the changes in life that you need to make.

Mine is always about the maintenance of weight, and since I have accomplished that one~ for the moment, I will move on to another goal that I have stashed way back in my mind.

This goal is about living life the way I should.

What comes to mind when I think of this goal is How to Pay It Forward? There are so very many people in need that I have to begin somewhere.

I believe that things happen spontaneously, right before your eyes something happens and it changes your focus for the moment or for your entire life.

Sometimes we  have to indulge in the unknown, taking on something that may not feel like a good fit, and then it happens, it does fit properly and helpfully, or it does not!

With that said, I vow to move on, starting with myself.

I have heard that you cannot be helpful to others without first working on yourself.


I have found that increasing my knowledge in areas that I am interested in is good for me. It helps me to feel like I am accomplishing something in life if I take on new things!

In the past few years, I have been taking courses that increase my ability to help myself and others.

Yoga has been a strong interest along with nutrition. This year for my added development I am taking another yoga certification. What is great about growing in yoga is that I can pass it forward to people I teach.

Finding a Good Fit

Most people have to try out different things in life in order to find a good fit. I have tried different things that did not fit with me well, but those challenges helped me to grow a lot. I have also struggled with many things in life, and that too has helped me to grow.

Write it down, and it will become part of you

Write down what your interests are, prioritize them, and look at them often.
It can be interesting trying out different things. For example, trying different types of jobs or volunteering can be helpful when you are looking for a challenge.

I could never stretch myself to be a waitress~ only tried that out for a week, but found that I just could not keep up with the pace. My mind does not stretch the way it needs to in order to multi-task like a waitress.

I also tried  other task oriented jobs which I did not care for very much. Doing the same thing day after day does not fit with me.

I need to have a variety of tasks to do in a job, but without the stress of having to get it done right away!

Teaching fit that mold for me for a long time. I have taught in different ways. Some formal teaching assignments and some informal such as my yoga teaching.

Today, because I am semi-retired, I can dabble with different challenges. And keeping myself busy is also a part of my plan. My website helps with that.

Mental Wellness

The mental health of people who strive for challenges in life is better than those who do not make effective changes in life

We all need to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. Making the needed changes in life will help us to be happier and more giving to others.


Making changes can be a struggle, but it is worth it because you can begin to use your new found ideas and knowledge to help others by paying it forward.