Relationships That End

Reflect on the things you need to do in order to stay healthy and well in mind, body and spirit.

This time of year many people reminisce on the past.

Learning how to re-frame  things may help you to let some of the past stay in the past.

If you can find a way to re-frame in your mind, the bad things that happened to you in a more pleasant story version, you may be on your way to a more positive story to tell others.

When I tell my story, I like to stick to the positive moments in life. No one needs to hear about my past negative moments, not even me!

Keeping a clear Perspective on your past

It is all about your perspective in life. Many people believe that if you change your attitude about life in general, good things seem to come your way.

No one wants to hang around with a gloom and doom person

People in general do not like hanging out with anyone with a negative persona. Only living one time, the thought of listening to negative chatter puts me in a bad mood! I have better things to do with my life.

Stay on the positive side of life, and you will have more friends. Laugh and hoot a lot, and people will be attracted to you because they want a good laugh too!!


As you age, you may  find that you may be looking for something different in relationships, not just romantic ones, but relationships with people who encourage and motivate your cause!

It seems that some relationships may have to end~ replaced by different  ones that serve you better. As you change your perspective by living life in a more pleasant way, you will be attracted to more positive people like yourself.

What are your needs today?

If you find out what you are really searching for in a relationship, life may become easier?

That may not be true. Searching for relationships that are more loving, may have more work involved.  Loving relationships do not just drop from the sky. They need mutuality, respect and even caring moments!!

As the clock moves forward, you may  be looking for different things in a relationship.

A romantic relationship may become exciting in different ways.

Companionship becomes more important as the years pass. The rough and tumble, conflicting relationship may settle down into a more pleasant one.


You Relationship with yourself

As the years go by, you may want to tune up your own “self.”  Here are some questions to ponder:

What are your present needs? Where are you going? What do you need to finish?

What truly makes you happy?