Making Changes around the Holidays

Do not just be a mere shadow of yourself. Grow and find out what you really want in life, and then go out and get it.

The holidays are a good time for making changes in life’s course

Many of us have problems with our mood around the holidays.

Holidays seem to bring up strong feelings, especially as they relate to losses, bad relationships or  just bad things that happen to us!

Jay Cleve in his book: Out of the Blues has strategies that help to get us through those down times.

Confront your past

You cannot change what has happened to you in the past anymore than you can change the future. But the present moment is something you can alter.

Becoming a more positive force in the present moment

Create your own version of your past that is not as painful, and then live in the present.  Get rid of the “If only….” and begin a new way of thinking.

Feeling good about what you are doing right now~ in the present, and this  can be accomplished with some effort.

Stop blaming yourself and others for bad past life experiences and move on to more and more beautiful present experiences that are meaningful to you.

Growing through your losses

Learn from you past experiences.

Gain maturity, freedom and security form the past.

Grow in your present relationships and gain new and different experiences.

Eastern Philosophy Speaks on how important your present view on life is

Begin to detach yourself from your desires, and then things will come to you, slowly but surely.

There are 8 pathways toward wellness: In the book: Life Without Stress, author Dr. Arthur Sokoloff speaks on the 8 pathways.

The right view

The right intention

The right speech

The right actions

The right livelihood

The right effort

The right mindfulness

The right concentration

Balance your life

Begin to give new power to your efforts and actions. Always speak in a positive way, and keep the negative to a minimum.


Concentrate on taking back your well-being through these 8 paths. Accept the way things are today, in the now.

Begin to have a very clear idea of what you want and  where you want to be. Concentrate on that goal. Visualize it, see it through mindful exploration.

Be charitable to others, spending time with like people who also share your passion of helping others. Work hard on achieving your goals and remember that the workd is a