How Do You Feel About Yourself?

Are you seeing things clearly when you think about yourself, or are you looking through a screen that distorts the true picture?



How do you feel ?

How are you doing in life?

How  you feel affects everything, including your outlook in life.

The question is: Can you change your view on life to a more positive one?

In the Book: Life Without Stress by Dr. Arthur Sokoloff,  speaks on emotional health and overall wellness.  If a person feels bad about himself and the world appears to be threatening and hostile- the person may feel that they do not deserve anything positive in life.

As people age, they may  feel worthless because of uncompleted goals or just not feeling useful anymore.

For this person, the scene can turn into isolation and separation from the world. Feelings of worthlessness can also generate bad behavior. There is nothing left to care about, so I am just going to sit here and do nothing!


Motivation to Make Important Changes: Can you motivate yourself to be more positive and happy with life?

If the person begins to change to a more positive and manageable viewpoint, can their lives change?

Some people turn to religion or mindfulness meditations to help them find their peace of mind.  Confucius said:  If looking within one’s own heart, one finds no cause for self-reproach, why should he worry, what shall he fear? Some people do not see their problems, they are looking through a distorted picture of themselves and others.

Different ways of thinking can help a person to feel better about themselves.

I believe that reading and writing inspirational affirmations can help a person to change their attitude about themselves. As far as religion helping us, the Chinese and Japanese hold to more than one religion simultaneously, with no sense of conflict.  For example: Taoism which began in China around 500B.C., has a central theme of “going with the flow” approach to life~ Spontaneity! Live in the moment and be happy!

And for the Confucianism, it is quite the opposite. The root of Confucianism is the root of all moral virtue. Filial piety– is defined as the sense of gratitude, honor, and respect due to parents by their children. And this courtesy, manners and duties are laid out in minute details in Confucius’ writings. In this sense, you are dedicated to others- and will do the right things for your family.

I believe that there are many ways to help yourself change. Changing to a more positive person can not only lift your spirits, but also lift the spirit of others who are around you.

You are what you emulate in life. If you feel happy, you are happy.

Taken in part from:  Sokoloff, A.  ( 1997).Life Without Stress: The Far Eastern Antidote to Tension and Anxiety. New York, NY. Broadway Books