A Lifetime of Good-byes


The Weeping Willow can cast down its branches unlike any other tree to touch the earth as if sending us drops of tears to help with our grief.


If you begin to think of  grief as healing from a physical wound, you may learn to accept it better.

The Natural Healing Process

Every step of your life will have some kind of loss in it.

The loss of a friend to death, the loss of a partner to divorce, the loss of your health when you feel as if you are still in the prime of life. Sometimes the smaller losses can prepare you for larger ones. The loss of your puppy, or your youth~ far from each other but preparation for the greater losses in life.


Mind, Body and Spiritual Healing

When loss takes place, the mind, body and spirit go through a process of healing the injury. You may feel lost, angry, hurt, full of fear or tearful. These are all emotions that go along with healing from losses in our lives. Your body may feel out of sorts, with pain and headaches. Your mind may tell you to get over it, but your spiritual side says to stay  with the mourning. You need to follow your instincts.

When will we begin to understand that everything comes to an end?

Realizing  that eventually you will say good-bye to it all with your  own death, may be where to begin  understanding about grief.

One of the hardest areas of acceptance is the anger that is felt at the loved one who has left. Even if it is yourself. You may question: ” Why are you leaving me?”

When we finally come to an understanding and acceptance of death, we can begin to move on and heal.


Accept the process of mourning

Accept the anger, sadness, tears, and eventually you will accept the acceptance. Grieving must be done at its own pace. Take the time to grieve, to mourn and to say good-bye.

Taken in part from: Roger, J & McWilliams, P. ( 1991). You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought. Los Angeles, CA. Prelude Press