Winter Months and Your Weight

On the road of life there are many paths. Even when the road is bumpy, you can choose a path filled with healthy living!

Take a good look at what, and how much you eat during the winter months

It seems that our bodies trick us into believing we are hungry when we are not more often in the winter.

I think it is because the weather is getting colder more often, and when you feel  cold, you body tells you to get some fat and eat it quickly. You begin to crave carbs!! The dreaded carbs in the winter make us fat. Don’t buy those bag of chips, or you will find yourself eating the entire bag, and feeling guilty. Instead, buy a bag of apples. If you eat the entire bag~ you probably will not feel great, but you won’t put on 10 pounds!

People seem to pack on the pounds in the winter months, so to combat that affliction, I suggest that you exercise more often. Try some variety. Variety is the spice of life.

What Can You Do to Prevent Weight Gain?

Make a list of what you can do, and set out to do it. Remember, even though it is cold outdoors, it does not mean that you can  not take a walk. Thee are studies that state that shivering when you are cold burns more calories. So in the winter, your walk counts as more calories burned.

Try some Motivational Techniques: Pedometer, Apps on Ipods: Walking with a friend

This week my daughter installed an app on my Ipod for me. It is a good motivator. It tells me how fast I am walking or running. For some reason, it makes me compete with myself~ to go faster or longer. You may want to try some motivators. If you have a friend that walks, you might want to join them.

Many people use pedometers to calculate how many steps they have taken for the day. This is also a great motivator. I find the scale is a motivator too. Some people don’t like to weigh themselves, but I do it every day. It keeps me on track with my weight.

Healthy Recipes and Healthy Foods

Try some new recipes. Buy a new recipe book that will support your efforts at staying motivated to change your diet. I experiment with different ingredients in my recipes such as using applesauce instead of oil. Or agave instead of sugar.

Keeping the Hunger away

If you are hungry all the time, try to put more veggies in your diet. Try different grains~ they  are low in calories and high in protein so they keep you full longer.