Staying Balanced in the Winter Months


Basil can decrease your stress and depression in the winter months. Chew on it, cook it and boil it down so you can spray it in your home in the winter months.

Keeping yourself Balanced and Centered

I believe there are a lot of things that can keep you balanced and centered this time of year.

With the winter months approaching, we need to keep fit.

Keeping up with an exercise routine is essential in my plan for balanced living.

Even if you just start out with some walking around the block. Walking becomes a daily activity for me, even throughout the winter months because I  have cleats. These rubber and metal attachments to the bottom of my boots really help me to stay steady ~ and have prevented me from many a fall on some ice.

Balancing Acts!

Other balancing acts include taking up a passive exercise for the winter. I enjoy yoga, but there are other slow moving exercises such as Tai- Chi and Qi Gong that can help you to stay balanced and steady throughout the winter months. Many people enjoy making up their own routine of movement. Slow stretching movements can be done with your own creativity!

Vitamins that can help with your Spirits during the Winter

Vitamin D: It is a fact that today doctors are monitoring vitamin D in our bodies.

In the winter, it is essential to have enough vitamin D  in your system.

There are many theories as to how much, but authorities agree that adults 19-50, both men and women need 5 mcg /day. Ages 50-70 10 mcg/day and greater than 70 years- 15 mcg/day.

And the places that you can find Vitamin D naturally~ sunlight on the skin! Fortified cow and soy milk, oily fish such as salmon, tuna and egg yolks. For vitamin D to work you need to find together with Caclium and Magnesium. All three need to be taken together.

Findings on the recommendations for Vitamin D taken from: Schlenker,E. & Roth , S.L. ( 2011). Williams Essentials of Nutrtion and Diet Therapy. St. Louis M0. Elsevier-Mosby.