The Color of Grief

Reflecting on meaningful memories that help you to come to a peaceful state in life.

Today, someone from my past that was very dear to me passed on.

Many people will remember him with a smile because he always had a joke or rhythm to tell.

He was a very colorful character who had a special way with many people.

When  my children were little, he was there to  teach  them a lot of silly things~ but he also taught my youngest how to multiply before she could even add!

That was amazing. My children learned a lot from their grandpa and grandma. A lot about what life is all about. And how to live life through the good and bad times.




Accepting the way things are is one of the toughest things to do when it comes to death.

We all have to go through many loses in our lives, and some are harder than others. Losses include many things, but death is a final one that we all struggle with.

Grief and Colors: Color Me Blue When I think of You

Grief has many shades of color. It starts out black when you first hear about the death of a loved one, and then you begin to remember some things that may lighten your sad time into a soothing blue shade.

Those special times float through your mind like a wonderful stream of color, dropping pictures of times past when things were good and loving.


Memories are wonderful because you take them with you

When the person was alive, the time you spent with them, the warm memories that linger are all a part of what you take with you forever. You will always remember and hold dear the past as if it were the present.

Blue Shades

Blue one minute and the next you are lost in memories again of the good times and some of the bad times.

You go back and forth with it, like you are swinging rhythmically and peacefully swinging up and down,  until you are settled. Calm and peacefulness begin to arise because you know that their spirit is still with you, surrounding and touching your soul.

Beginnings and Endings

for everyone to remember~  All Life begins and Ends

Accepting that life begins, has a middle and then ends is what we discover as we move through our own life.

When we were young we thought that we had forever, and as we age, we begin to realize that we should live a good life full of love and kindness because life is just another story that has an ending.

Make your story something that people will remember!


For some grieving times, it takes longer to bring back the color into your life

If the person was very close, and triggers both good and bad memories,  it may take longer to heal, but healing comes.

It would be nice  to believe that when you are ready for the step toward healing that you automatically go straight to acceptance, but you do not.

You have to settle death in your mind and soul.

Finding a good place in your soul to put the loved one’s memory so that you can take it out when you need to just be with them.

Keeping the memory  near to look at, and find peace in the moments that were dear to you and your loved one.