Doing things that you enjoy

Make your path through this life fun, before it is too late! You can do some of the things in life that you really want to do, if you begin to plan it right now!

Hurry Up and Live life to its fullest!

When we are young, we spend many hours trying to think on the things that we want to do with our lives.

We ponder on what we would like to do professionally, where we want to live, and if we want to have children. We may even try out different jobs with the hope that an entry level job in the field that we want will help us make decisions.

We make big plans when we are young. but not all of them come out the way we imagined. People change, circumstances change, dreams change.

After awhile  decisions are made, with or without  planning. Sometimes when we don’t make a decision~ that is a decision!

If we do not make specific plans with goals and objectives, the plans go up in smoke, and all we can do is find ways to make money, or dream about what should have been. If the goal was to have children, and it is too late, there are other options such as adoption.

And if education was in the picture there still is time, even if you are older or you  may dismiss it as a lost dream as you stand at the counter of a department store telling a customer that you cannot take their item back. This sounds kind of bleak, but true.


No matter what your age~ you still have time to make some plans and get it done!!

If you are older,  you should begin planning on doing some things that you enjoy. Your job plans should include something meaningful to you.

Don’t end your path regretting some things that you really wanted to do. For example, if you really wanted to travel, do it locally if you do not have the money to go to Italy. There are many things that you can do that do not cost too much.

If your goal is to help others, do some volunteering somewhere that makes you feel good.

If you are stuck in a dead end job and there is not much time for you to go back to school or train yourself in something that feels good, find a job  where you would like to be~ or with people you would like to be around!

There are jobs out there. They may not pay much, but who cares! If you enjoy it, it really doesn’t matter.

On Health and Wellness Goals

Staying healthy can be another goal to follow in your path through life. Change some things about yourself that you have control of such as your weight, your eating habits and your exercise regimen.

Healthy changes feel good. And when you feel better, you have a better attitude about life!