On being thankful

Reflect on what is good for you in life. Make your path a unique one that you feel good about.


These days all we seem to do is complain about something.

I guess if the right person did not walk your way, or the rain stopped you from doing some exercise, or your best friend forgot that you were supposed to meet them today, you should be able to complain! Right?

No, wrong.

People complain about everything. Maybe if we spent more time writing down some of the things we are thankful about, we would have no reason to complain about anything.

#1 on my list is being thankful that I am breathing today

2. Being thankful that I am loved by my family

3. Being thankful that I am healthy, well and able to walk without pain

Well, these are just some thoughts on the topic of thankfulness, and since it is so very near Thanksgiving, maybe we should make a list of our own to look at every time we want to complain about the weather.

Find your way through life’s struggles

Living can be a struggle, and I am not trying to minimize anyone’s truth about life.  Life is all about accepting things, especially the things that are hard to accept such as changes. Changes such as growing older can be hard to accept. Not only does your skin change, but you begin to slow down mentally too. You are just not as quick as you used to be with things like recall and getting out of your own way!

When are we supposed to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of retirement?

Not sure about that either, since that is my biggest struggle in life. I am always thinking that I am not finished with things. There are so many purposeful and meaningful things in life to do!


Author Melody Beattie in her book: The Language of Letting Go speaks on finding your way in life. Sometimes we need to struggle to find our way in life. We are not alone. Your light in life will come. Someday you will have a break through and find out the truth about yourself, including what you need and want.


Life can be a challenge, especially if you pursue a difficult path.

You can make things easier on yourself by choosing easier pursuits.

You can also be confused and frustrated  about what you should do in you life.

In the end, you will find your unique path filled with purpose and meaning.

The world is a beautiful place to be thankful about. Even with its heartaches and sorrows, strive for happiness.

Taken in part from: Beattie, M. ( 1990) The Language of Letting Go.  New York, NY. Hazelden